My basic principles

11 Nov

See in Nature what it has to say

Nature has a will. A will to search, to learn and to develop by exploring this universe through a multitude of paths. To travel all over these paths, Nature (you may say God also) had to divide itself into many individuals. Actually there are as many paths as individuals. We are these individuals giving concrete shapes to the will of Nature, opening up our unique path of life, and experiencing this tragicomic world. This is happening for the last fifteen billions years. Nature is that much old, that much wise !

Being able to observe and to understand the Nature is the most exciting and precious way to come out of ignorance.

Next time you feel lost or get mixed up, go in forest, sit under the trees, cool down your mind, and try to listen to them, they will tell you what you need to hear.

Are you beautifying or polluting the cosmos ?

To a very limited extend we are conscious of the phenomena. Being conscious or unconscious of the phenomena is generally understood as a personal attribute. This is correct, but actually, the consciousness emerges from all the parts of the universe from its microscopic entities to the whole cosmos. As soon as an identity is formed, it gives birth to a consciousness. And the larger consciousness embraces all smaller consciousnesses. A cell, a small plant, a human being, a forest, a village, a country, our planet earth, and so on, have a consciousness. When it is the whole universe, it is the cosmos consciousness.

A single consciousness is continuously drawing from and injecting into the larger consciousnesses, some contents. We should always remember that whatever we think, speak or do, we share it within the collective (un)consciousness. And in turn, others will draw from what you have injected.

It means that we are very powerful.
Have a will to help and love your neighbor who has a problem, you blow rose petals in the collective (un)consciousness.  Spend your time slandering about others, you inject trashes in the collective (un)consciousness. Be a good one, and the whole cosmos will be better. Be a bad one, and the whole universe will be worse. Think everyday : “Am I going to beautify or to pollute the cosmos?”

Life is not something to be taken seriously

Life is nothing but a big game. Don’t take it too seriously. Keep alive the child within you.

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