You have just landed in the world of hillsjester. 😉

Some pages/posts are in English, others are in French.

Rural development
This page (in English) is intended to share my experiences, concepts and opinions on several matters related to development aid in rural areas.

I believe in another kind of development for the humankind. I also believe that it can only be triggered by the people.  This page (in English) is intended to share some ideas/information/knowledge to take up practical actions for shaping a better world.

Carnet de route
On this page I love to express my witty and foolish ideas/stories in the language of Voltaire (French of course).

As an introduction to this blog I would like to make a few statements. These statements reflect my understanding of the basic principles which can be useful for making our life purposeful and blossoming.
I am aware they won’t be neither understood nor accepted by everybody. But these understandings act as a guideline for my daily life and my professional actions. And somehow this has brought me on a very initiatory and beautiful path of life. That’s why I got the urge to share them with you right now. 😉
You will find them in this post.


My real name is Stephan Marchal. Basically from Belgium, life brought me in India where I work for rural development in the tribal state of Jharkhand and in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh.
I started up two organizations for supporting self-chosen development of a tribal community in Jharkhand, the Munda.
I am now offering my consultancy services to other development aid and nature conservation organizations in Himachal Pradesh.

Hillsjester is my nickname. It means something weird like I consider myself as a jester from hilly areas.

Jester because I do not take life too seriously.
Through its amusing behavior, the jester has always a witty message to pass on. Nothing better than humour to convey a meaningful piece of advice.  He likes music, children, symbolism and understand the messages of Nature.
And of course he enjoys life in all the possible ways !

From the hills, because hills and mountains have the power to stop the ravages of human being on culture and nature. The plains have been widely conquered by our invasive species for agriculture, various infrastructure, industries, and cities. In 200 years of time, human being has eradicated 80 % of the planet biodiversity.
Can you imagine ?
It is in the hilly areas that most of the remaining forests, natural beauties and endangered species have taken refuge.
It is also in the hilly areas that many human communities could protect themselves from acculturation, nurturing their traditional way of life.

Hillsjester laughs at the modern development processes and loves to stay at the side of the ones who have something else to share.

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